How to install php GD2 Library on CentOS?

am trying to install script and it require GD2 php library , i tried to install it with yum install php-gd however it giving me error

php54-common conflicts with php-common-5.3.3-48.el6_8.x86_64

Supporter Asked on January 28, 2017 in Software.
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well from there error i can see you have php 5.4 installed and yum have GD library package for php 5.3 which is causing the conflict .

so for php 5.4 you can install GD2 library with below command

yum install php54-gd

after that restart Apache 

service httpd restart

and finally you can check  in package list 

rpm -qa | grep php

you will see package name something like  


now run phpinfo()  and check if GD library in it or not 

Supporter Answered on January 28, 2017.
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